Seeking the charm of impossibilities, Dan explored a small handful of vintage synthesizers, studied the 16th Century counterpoint of Palestrina, and spent a considerable amount of time in the Yucca Valley Desert, sharpening his lyrics along the spines of arid mountain chains. The result is a narcotic buoyancy for unnerving times. Five songs and five ambient pieces that flow into each other as naturally as circadian rhythms.

Goldman invited the Penderecki String Quartet as well as some of Toronto’s brightest lights to contribute their talents. Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink, Owen Pallett, Zammuto) compliments Dan’s baritone voice on several duets and is also heavily-hauntingly featured on the ambient tracks.

The record was produced intermittently over the course of two years, in between Snowblink tours, in conjunction with producer, David Travers-Smith, in Toronto.

Dan Misha Goldman – Champion of the Afterworld
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“fascinating” – Stuart Maconie, Host of ‘Freak Zone’ on BBC6
“very peaceful” – KWTF          “calm and tasteful” – NICHE MUSIC JAPAN