Jon Mckiel Puts A Hex On

The songs of Jon McKiel are born of the bruised marshlands of remote New Brunswick, from the craggy shores of the Atlantic coast; places where nature is a powerful wonder and the made-world is in slow decay. His new album, Hex, is a bloodshot pop record steeped in our dystopian present, tempered, across its ten tracks, by an…

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Nick Schofield’s Ambient Ensemble

“hypnotic” – The Guardian“these glittering electro-acoustic hybrids exude a sense of awe” – Aquarium Drunkard Nick Schofield’s Ambient Ensemble sees the Canadian composer and synth maven expanding his solo practice with an ensemble, adding his signature ambient essence to contemporary-classical and electronic music. Where his previous two albums (Water Sine, Glass Gallery) were entirely solo endeavours and synth-focused, Ambient Ensemble invites gregarious group play. The compositions feature a chamber ensemble of…

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Michael Feuerstack Details New LP

“gorgeous” – Petal Motel“heaving and gorgeous…anguishing and contemplative.” – Stereogum Eternity Mongers, the upcoming album from Michael Feuerstack, is filled with some of the questions we ask ourselves as we navigate this beautiful and complicated world. What is the thing you live for? What is your strongest fear? What is it that makes you wonder? Heading into the studio to…

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