dan misha goldman

Praise For Champion of the Afterworld

  It’s been a month since Dan Misha Goldman dropped his Champion of the Afterworld album and the praise continues to roll in. Late last month, Impose Magazine in NYC premiered ‘Corners’, the opening track from the album, calling it “a beautiful song with a melodic tune and tranquil lyrics that make you feel as…

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Dan Misha Goldman – Champion of the Afterworld

Seeking the charm of impossibilities, Dan explored a small handful of vintage synthesizers, studied the 16th Century counterpoint of Palestrina, and spent a considerable amount of time in the Yucca Valley Desert, sharpening his lyrics along the spines of arid mountain chains. The result is a narcotic buoyancy for unnerving times. Five songs and five…

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Japan’s Niche Music Premieres Video

Japan’s Niche Music is premiering Dan Misha Goldman‘s “surreal, patient and hypnagogic” video for the song ‘Sleepwalker.’ WATCH on YouTube or Vimeo // LISTEN on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or basically anywhere else Sleepwalker evokes a narcotic buoyancy for these unnerving times. It was created in collaboration with director Terri Loewenthal (Tasseomancy) and editor Charlotte Lindèn Ercoli Coe (Weyes Blood). The video was shot overnight in a…

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