Nick Schofield

Cri – Miracles
Romy – Mid Air
Duskus – Healers vol. 1
Christopher Honeywell aka Libra Rising – Every New Moon
Brian Eno, Fred Again.. – Secret Life

Michael Feuerstack

Hatis Noit at Mutek was totally enthralling and mind-blowing.
Nile Rodgers and Chic’s Tiny Desk Concert. I watch way too much Y**Tube but it is rarely as uplifting and inspiring as this.

Fixation songs:
Nick of Time‘ by Bonnie Raitt and ‘The Tattler‘ by Ry Cooder. For some reason, both of these songs got played frequently (like, a lot) throughout the year while I was walking around. Come to think of it, aren’t they kind of counterparts for each other?

Best discoveries of things I missed out on until now:
Dionne Warwick’s Make Way for Dionne Warwick – Timmy C and I jammed on this in the car on our mini tour and it blew our minds.
NRBQ’s Tiddlywinks – so fun and so fresh.
Lisa O’Neill – like thousands of others, I discovered her while I was in my own little corner of mourning for the great Shane MacGowan.
Philippe Brach – inventive and wild and tight as anyone needs to be.
Ora Cogan’s Formless – moody and uplifted. 

Moon-Hee Kim

Noname / Sundial 
Eyedress / all the singles that came out this year
Heartworms / A Comforting Notion EP

Movies/TV: all of the Mike Flanagan series
Books: I re-read Us Conductors by Sean Michaels, still one of my top novels

Gianna Lauren

Hey you. I’m sitting here thinking on the year that just ended, and ruminating on this societal practice of collective reflections that take place this time of year. We look back, we make lists, we scroll through photos, we post. What do we gain or lose in the process? Do we make space for newness by regurgitating the old? Does the act of acknowledging the past clear a path for the present and future? Am I stalling because I don’t actually have that much to report? Ha! Yup. You got me. I am having so much trouble making a list this year. My life kind of imploded in 2023 and honestly it’s all a blur. I am sure I enjoyed art and culture worth sharing but now I can’t recall them. The concussion meant I didn’t consume as much screen things and literature, but also my brain may be actively suppressing the year that just finished. But, I love lists! I’m a list person and I have numerous notebooks full of lists, and I look forward to reading other people’s lists, since I always learn of something new and wonderful through this annual tradition. However, for my contribution this time around, rather than look back, I must look ahead, and outline some goals for 2024. Perhaps by listing them here I can manifest them into realness. My 2024 plans include a) finishing my record, b) more movement for my injured body, c) advancing my technician skills, and d) hopes and dreams for peace and ceasefire!!

Michelle Yorke

Poor Things, May December, Anatomy of a Fall, Godland, The Creator, Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

Arthur Russell – Picture of Bunny Rabbit
Caroline Polachek – Desire, I Want to Turn Into You and also her single ‘Dang
Helena Deland – Goodnight Summerland
Troye Sivan – Something to Give Each Other / ‘One of Your Girls
Tyla – ‘Water‘ (I haven’t listened to her whole record but I could not get this song out of my head)

Stolen Focus by Johann Hari
I want everyone I love to read/listen to this book. I plan to re-listen soon in hopes to establish healthier routines for 2024

The Bear – Season 2, Episode 07 – Forks (aka Richie’s episode)
Juno Temple’s performance in Fargo, Season 5

Life things:
Finally having a car – the novelty of the freedom a car brings has not been lost on me. I will never take it for granted, I love our little Rusted Duck.

Other things I’ve enjoyed doing in 2023:
Baking cakes for people I love, watching so many movies with my favorite people, doing puzzles with Kyle’s family and listening to audiobooks. I’m also learning better how to manage my chronic illness which has given me more space and capacity to do more than I have in years. I’m hoping 2024 brings the ability to do even more and finally be able to bring movement back into my life. I want nothing more than the ability to go for a long walk again.

Andrew Neville

Freak Heat Waves – Mondo Tempo
Joseph Shabason – Welcome to Hell
Yo La Tengo – This Stupid World

The Holdovers
Probably my favourite movie of the year. 

The Curse
Real horror.

Who’s Yer Father
A rare accomplishment in Canadian film, a comedy that is funny. 

Killers of the Flower Moon
Not beyond criticism but man it’s a big powerful movie.

The Pope’s Exorcist
A very stupid movie where Russel Crowe drives across Europe on a scooter and ponders, “what if the Devil was responsible for the Inquisition?”

Kyle Cunjak

Rozi Plain – Prize
Rogê – Curryman
Blake Mills – Jelly Road (specifically the guitar tone/solo on ‘Skeleton Is Walking‘)
King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard – Gila Monster

Underrated New Brunswick releases:
Carlene – Looking Out My Window
Owen Steel – Your Own Imagination
Chris Belliveau – Chris Belliveau (this came out in 2022 but I only discovered in 2023)

I Think You Should Leave, Season 3
Somehow, this show manages to get better each season and ages like a fine wine.

Other things I loved in 2023:
Visiting the Azores, watching Ted Poor drum with Andrew Bird, continuing my respect and admiration of the ocean through swimming/surfing.