“gorgeous” – Petal Motel
“heaving and gorgeous…anguishing and contemplative.” – Stereogum

Eternity Mongers, the upcoming album from Michael Feuerstack, is filled with some of the questions we ask ourselves as we navigate this beautiful and complicated world. What is the thing you live for? What is your strongest fear? What is it that makes you wonder?

Heading into the studio to record, Feuerstack’s aim was to create something that took the live-off-the-floor production value of a Peel session (the live-performance BBC Radio 1 music show hosted by iconic broadcaster, John Peel) and played it through an old jukebox in a diner—warm and round but with a lively presence. Debut single ‘Your Mind’s Made Up’ marks the bittersweet milestone of becoming an empty nester.

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“a comforting treatise on leaving and distance” – Exclaim!
“When I was in my 20s and 30s, everyone around me starting having children. Now that some time has passed, it’s time for many of those children to leave home in the same away that we all once did,” explains Feuerstack. “That same feeling can be applied to different kinds of departures, and so I kept it a little bit vague to cover more ground. There is something vexingly inverted here in this particular portrayal of selflessness: it’s a kind of selflessness that most people have to accept at some point in their lives. You don’t rise to it, you fall into it.”

These twelve songs, like so many of the best songs, are born out of curiosity—a curiosity for and about all things: the world around us, the way we interact, the way we live, and the ways in which we try to live. As weighted as the subject matter of these songs at first appears, there is also a playfulness at work throughout, a sense of levity to set the balance right. Do you ever get tired of having fun?