The Slate Pacific

Limited-Edition 10″ EP now available

The idea to record and release “Eccentrics & Young Professionals” was conceived in the midst of gingerbread houses, candy canes, and tinsel. We’d had this pair of songs left over from the “Safe Passage” days–remnants of previous band incarnations and their subsequent visions–and we were beginning to feel as if maybe, though we enjoyed playing…

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showcases and new records and stuff

so we’ve been slacking in the updates department, but that’s because we’re up to our eyeballs in the swamp that is slate pacific (zach is completely submerged…). but now, the out of the swamp arises the monsters we’ve been so carefully breeding! ok, i’m gonna kill this metaphor before it gets any creepier…. for starters,…

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from upper canada

salutations from toronto. we’re two shows deep and it’s been pretty, pretty good; here’s the run down thus far: montreal: double-booked with a poetry reading = hilariously awkward and hectically stressful set. but all things work themselves out in the end. and museum pieces were great. toronto: new music tuesday was quite the experience. we…

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