so we’ve been slacking in the updates department, but that’s because we’re up to our eyeballs in the swamp that is slate pacific (zach is completely submerged…). but now, the out of the swamp arises the monsters we’ve been so carefully breeding! ok, i’m gonna kill this metaphor before it gets any creepier….

for starters, we’ve got some big dates coming up:

ECMA showcase at Governor’s Pub in Sydney on Saturday. we’re also up for “alternative record of the year”, whatever that means

March 10th at the Green Room in Montreal

March 11th, CMW showcase in Toronto at the Painted Lady, 10pm

March 12th at the Ford Plant in Brantford

and if you can’t make those dates, you can comfort yourself with the idea that the world will end in 2012…

and then when you’ve calmed down and made yourself a cup of coffee, you can be actually comforted by the assurance that despite our impending doom, two new slate pacific releases are coming up!

The Slate Pacific Remix EP is an absurd idea that somehow works. it’s probably because we’ve got remixes from the likes of Paranerd, Professor Undressor, Bob, etc… Coming soon to a dance part near you.

Eccentrics and Young Professionals is a new single we’re releasing digitally and, get this, on 10″ vinyl. just two songs, an A side and a B side, but almost 15minutes of new music, this record closes the door on one chapter of the slate pacific. more on that to come…

well, i know that was a lot, but if you made it to the end you’re definitely a better person for it.