Parallel Line, the third LP from Paper Beat Scissors, is out in the world today and getting a lot of praise from around the world.

 “Soars with warm folk-pop” – Atwood Magazine
“piercing voice and haunting orchestral chamber folk” – KUTX (Austin, TX)
“cheeky and buoyant” – CBC Music
“deeply infused with emotion, connects with his listener on such a level that he freezes time” –Folk Radio UK
“lush chamber orchestration” – Various Small Flames
“vulnerable and earnest without slipping into sappiness” (8/10) – Exclaim!

Parallel Line explores all the mess and complexity inherent in our day-to-day existence with a quiet, wide-eyed vulnerability. This third full length, mixed by heavyweights Sandro Perri andDean Nelson (Beck), centres Tim Crabtree’s arresting vocal work and reflective lyrical palette to stunning effect. Each song’s movement is threaded by gorgeous string arrangements, weaving an emotional core to the record. At its centre sits a question: how is our sense of self strung within a multitude of people, places, experiences? Parallel Line unfurls as a series of (un)certainties, shot through with a visceral tenderness

Earlier this week, Folk Radio UK premiered the incredible video for the song ‘Shapes.’ Directed by Derek Branscombe, the visionary behind the Lawless video, the visuals in the new work “convey a mass of complex emotions and tensions beneath the surface as well as the fragility of human relationships.” – FRUK

 – watch video // read feature on Folk Radio UK –

 “I wanted to explore that state through bodies, objects and textures,” says the director, “The push, the pull, the convoluted torsion that we go through in order to try to fuse with a loved one – it’s all there.”