Selling ice cream in Northern Canada during the winter?!? Is this a metaphor for the state of the music industry or a continuation of Michael Feuerstack’s sadsack humour present in his previous videos for Clackity Clack & Scorekeeper? Draw your own conclusions by watching the new video for the 2014 song ‘Out of Season’ featuring vocals by Devon Sproule. Produced for the 48 hour Film Challenge in Whitehorse, the video won the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the screening and gave actor Andrew Stratis (Headless Owl Records) some terrible stomach pain due to a lactose overdose.

Watch Out of Season (ft. Devon Sproule) by Michael Feuerstack & Associates // Order Singer Songer (LP/CD/DIG)

​If you’ve seen Find the Others live you’ll know that visuals are an important aspect of their performance. We’ve taken the visuals from FTO’s title track off their latest album and posted it online. Empire of Time is a song that plays with the idea that the reason why we fight is simply that we don’t recognize our enemies for what they are; distant cousins in a larger tribe.