Find The Others

New Videos – Michael Feuerstack & Find The Others

Selling ice cream in Northern Canada during the winter?!? Is this a metaphor for the state of the music industry or a continuation of Michael Feuerstack’s sadsack humour present in his previous videos for Clackity Clack & Scorekeeper? Draw your own conclusions by watching the new video for the 2014 song ‘Out of Season’ featuring vocals by Devon Sproule. Produced for the 48 hour Film…

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Find The Others In BC PEAK Performance Project

  Find The Others have been announced as one of 12 artists from British Columbia who will take part in the PEAK Performance Project.The program is designed to educate, promote, and develop the careers of some of BC’s up-and-coming artists. Artists will benefit from mentorships from some of the music industry’s top professionals and performers. All…

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Find The Others – Empire of Time

  “Magical”- MANCHESTER FM “excels in its quiet strength and restrained beauty.” – CBC MUSIC “dreamy, beautiful” – LAURIE BROWN, THE SIGNAL “comme le lever du soleil sur un océan couvert de glace.” – BRBR “Soyez patient, laissez-vous prendre dans les filets fragiles et fous du musicien.” – LE DEVOIR “…Find The Others reaches far across…

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