JOYFULTALK is excited to share a new video for the track “Kill Scene” via The Quietus.

Crafted by visual artist Paul Henderson, it explores themes of memory, violence, and social authority through a hazy array of lo-res footage sourced from the depths of the open source internet archives. Henderson’s video collage proves to be an ideal match for the track’s woozy synths and pulsating rhythms, blending vintage aesthetics and an underlying sense of unease into an immersive, dreamlike whole.

According to JOYFULTALK’s Jay Crocker: “when brainstorming visual ideas for the track “Kill Scene” I was interested in the idea of early 80’s cop shows, pastels, and sun.  The sound of the track definitely holds a nostalgia for that time.  Although I wanted it to have a police element, I didn’t want the video to portray law enforcement as either heroes or anti-heroes.  I wanted it to be nostalgic and artful while still demonstrating social commentary in regards to guns and violence in North American society.

Stream Paul Henderson’s video cut from 80’s cop footage