“Force Fields are like that old fixer-upper your uncle keeps under a tarp in the back shed. It may only get out for a rip around the block once every few years but when it does, the whole neighbourhood rushes to the street to watch it drive by.” – Grid City Magazine

It’s hard to explain the career of Fredericton-based Force Fields. Under an older name, they were our very first release with an EP back in January 2007, and it’s only now that their first proper full-length arrives.

They’ve only ever performed a handful of times, and only around the Maritimes, but their live shows are always momentous events that include some form of chaos. Read the feature on Grid City Magazine to get a better idea of Force Fields’ story.

Force Fields – Whatever Pie
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“a left-of-centre approach that while remaining familiar, keeps the listener ever so slightly on edge. It’s clever music making at it’s best.” 
– Grid City Magazine

The band will perform one show, their first in years, around this release as part of the Harvest Jazz & Blues festival in Fredericton next month.

September 14 – Fredericton, NB: The Capital