Lately, you may have heard us talking about Backward Music, our experimental sister label, a little more often.

Backward began releasing instrumental music from artists such as NYC’s ambient/classical ensemble Bing & Ruth and Toronto producer/percussionist Joshua Van Tassel, in late 2012 and has since grown to include the psychedelic dance music of Double Tooth, a cinematic album from Canadian guitarist Dean Drouillard, an educational project on the disappearance of the North American wild buffalo, and rural Nova Scotia electronic group JOYFULTALK.

The music has been widely celebrated, and we just hit an incredible 2 million streams (almost unheard of for an independent label in Canada) with the label’s debut sampler Backward Music vol.1. Needless to say, you’ll be hearing more about Backward in future newsletters.

All of the music is streamable at backwardmusic.com where you can also download, or order LPs, CDs, a 7″ single, and a ‘zine.