Tim Crabtree Surpasses 1Million Streams on Spotify

While streaming remains a contentious issue within the music industry, we’ve got some good news to report on the subject from from our sister label Backward Music. As part of the compilation Backward Music vol.1, Tim Crabtree‘s song ‘Renamed’ now has more than 1 Million streams through Spotify. For an instrumental composition, this is quite a feat. The song begins with ambient guitar swells that soon transition to a chopped piano…

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St. Nick’s Holiday Playlist

You won’t find a bigger fan of Christmas music in New Brunswick than Nick Cobham. Starting every December, and a few days earlier this year, he plays EXCLUSIVELY holiday-themed records for the duration of the month so his knowledge and collection are vast. We asked Nick to put together a playlist for us of some lesser-known gems and…

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Backward Music Milestone

Lately, you may have heard us talking about Backward Music, our experimental sister label, a little more often. Backward began releasing instrumental music from artists such as NYC’s ambient/classical ensemble Bing & Ruth and Toronto producer/percussionist Joshua Van Tassel, in late 2012 and has since grown to include the psychedelic dance music of Double Tooth, a cinematic album from Canadian guitarist Dean…

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