The past twelve months was a time for us to catch our breath after 2015’s massive release schedule. Focusing on digital content, we had our four releases featured on radio around the world. From the UK (BBC6NTS Radio), to the USA (Bandcamp‘s weekly podcast, KWTF, WGMU, WLOY, & more), Europe (The Lake), and home to Canada (CBC, numerous campus/community stations), it was a pleasure to grace your airwaves.You can hear selections from the albums below on our Soundcloud & Spotify playlists or just find them yourself wherever you consume music.


Michael Feuerstack – Adult Lullabies
The Canadian master of song released his 5th collection of music since 2014, proving he’s just as
prolific as ever.
“an inspiring, thought­ provoking journey” – GRID CITY
“un savant mélange de sagesse et de nostalgie” – BRBR


Isador – Isador
Lo-fi psych jams from the weirdest corners of your record collection.
“Really interesting…rambling psychedelic sound.” – BANDCAMP Weekly
Senior Citizen – The Hawk
This collaborative album features a supergroup of New Brunswick musicians banding together
around percussionist/producer Bob Deveau.
“Beautiful ambient noise” – BANDCAMP
“an aural playground of sound” – GRAYOWL POINT
“enormous” – GRID CITY
Dan Misha Goldman – Sleepwalker
First single from the forthcoming ‘Champion of the Afterworld’ album.
“Very mellow approach to electronics, vocals, and music…great stuff.” – KWTF