… Even though Share has been around in various forms since 2005 we have never been a band until the creation of our new album Slumping in Your Murals.

We began working with Daniel Ledwell after hearing the production work he had done on his own first album (www.myspace.com/danielledwell) and knew of his multi-instrumental abilities. He was a perfect match and in May of 2008 we began work on the songs that would become Slumping in Your Murals. The recording started in bits and pieces at Andy Magoffin’s London, ON House of Miracles studio, continued at Kyle’s family cottage in Keppoch PEI and the Sisk family home in Chipman, NB, and then, in bedrooms of Halifax, the album came into formation. Jenn Grant added ambient and spooky backing vocals, Kinley Dowling some magnificent violin, and Mike (Snailhouse) Feuerstack added essential ambient lap steel guitar and sang on a track. The album became a thing of its own with the help of friends and now, after a year’s work, it is ready for the world to hear it.

We believe an album is an important medium where the songs line up to examine one theme or idea. Each song is connected and pursues a different angle of the same concept. On all of the Share albums we have chosen songs that tell a single secret story. Something that has always captured my imagination is the tradition of Central American artists using Murals to tell stories. It appealed to me in an innate way. It stayed with me and very much influenced the creation of this album.

Astrology was on my mind while writing many of these songs and when I started to look back at other songs I wanted on the album I noticed a trend of thought: wanting to know the future, how time and place play with/against each other, etc. It dawned on me that if our destinies lay in the stars, then all of our stories are up in the sky amongst the constellations, like a big mural in the sky. If slumping is a posture that captures the mood of this album then the songs are the murals, hence Slumping in your Murals.

Over the past year we have put our hearts into this album and are proud of the final result. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

We look forward to seeing you on the road.


Andrew Sisk