Lawless, the second single from Paper Beat Scissors’ upcoming sophomore album Go On, is now available and the stunningly beautiful new video is being premiered by Rolling Stone.

A meditation on the ways we can delude ourselves and others without realizing, the song was engineered by Dean Nelson (Beck, Bat for Lashes) in London, Ontario and Diego Medina in a cavernous former guild lodge on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The song breezes slowly in on Tim Crabtree’s languorous vocals, and ethereal pedal steel (Michael Feuerstack – Bell Orchestre) before cataclysmic drums (Nathan Doucet – Crosss) rip the peace apart and mournful orchestral swells (Gregory Burton, and Pietro Amato – the Luyas) push at the edges and the tension subsides, leaving the song to die away on a wave of stark yet warm keyboards and tremolo violins (Patrick Cruvellier).

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Watch the video for Lawless exclusively through Rolling Stone

Director Derek Branscombe explains the concept behind the video:

In making the Lawless video, I wanted to explore intimacy and relationship cycles through the abstraction of body and movement. I happened to meet two really talented dancer/actresses, Maxine Segalowitz and Julia B. Laperrière. They were in an actual relationship with each other, so it was incredibly inspiring to be able to capture real intimacy and have the chance to craft those feelings into a narrative. We also shot in a lot of places that are really close to my heart; the forest scenes are all shot up on some of my favourite spots on Mont Royal here in Montréal, and the scenes on the patios are shot at my own house. So the video is really special to me. The crew was really small – usually only three or four of us. We spent a lot of time exploring and experimenting and I think it really paid off. There’s a real vibrance of locations, colours and emotions – far more than I thought there would be. The original treatment for the video was really simple, but once we started working with Maxine and Julia, the video took on a momentum and direction of its own.

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Stream the subdued and swirling orchestrally-tinged title track, which features percussion arrangements from Clogs’ Thomas Kozumplik.
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Catch Paper Beat Scissors live:

September 03 – Toronto, ON: Burdock Music Hall
September 04 – Montreal, QC: La Vitrola
September 16 – Fredericton, NBHarvest Jazz & Blues Festival
September 17 – Halifax, NS: The Seahorse Tavern
October 01 – Graz, AU: Orpheum
October 02 – Weyer, AU: Bertholdsaal
October 03 – Vienna, AUWaves Vienna
October 08 – Hamburg, DE: Knust Bar
October 09 – Duisburg, DE: Steinbruch
October 11 – Münster, DE: Fachwerk
October 12 – Berlin, DE: Monarch
October 14 – Mainz, DE: Schon Schön
October 15 – Freiburg, DE: Swamp
October 16 – Erfurt, DE: Franz Mehlhose

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