Beauty In The Tension
  • ARTIST: The Olympic Symphonium
  • TITLE: Beauty In The Tension
  • CAT#: FMG068
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: February 09, 2018

Beauty In The Tension is the result of rural isolation, small comforts, and the discovery of two pairs of Dark Side Of The Moon pajama pants.

For six days last winter, Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak, Dennis Goodwin, and Graeme Walker holed up in the legendary Old Confidence Lodge studio in Riverport, Nova Scotia to focus on 13 new compositions. Working long days with the help and stamina of engineer Diego Medina, the band laid down a batch of songs that were road-tested and ready to be captured in this magical Oddfellows Hall-cum-studio.

Delicious home-cooked meals and harmony vocals were provided by Jennah Barry, a fellow resident of Nova Scotia's south shore, and additional instrumentation was provided by Michael Belyea (Jenn Grant), Tim Crabtree (Paper Beat Scissors), and composer / arranger Drew Jurecka. Sonic inspiration came from Pink Floyd, guitar-monies, and Chicago power-ballads.

“a beautiful listen” – CBC MUSIC

“Lush instrumentation, smooth and soothing vocals and perfectly realised folk-pop”THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“dreamy, 70s sounding” GRID CITY MAGAZINE

“With Beauty in the Tension, the Olympic Symphonium return with another dreamy, low-key folk gem” – EXCLAIM! (8/10)

“Beauty in the Tension possède assez de mérite pour aller au-delà de l’idée qu’il s’agit du meilleur disque du groupe en carrière; on a affaire ici à un très bon album, point.”

“soothing, heartfelt, indie jams all the way from Canada’s Atlantic Coast.” SALUTE MAGAZINE

” The Olympic Symphonium harness their individual strengths to come together as one, seamlessly crafting Beauty in the Tension’s unique and unmistakable sound”DOMINIONATED

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