Mitch Fillion is a workaholic. He began filming Southern Souls videos two and a half years ago and has since made more than 675 videos. That’s getting near to a video a day. He’s a busy guy. That’s why we were surprised when he agreed to fly to Fredericton for two days last winter to film ten videos for the Olympic Symphonium. We spent a weekend driving around Fredericton looking for locations. We had some picked out in advance (Memorial Hall; the walking bridge) but we weren’t totally prepared. Mitch was patient and quiet, silently observing us workout our problems much like he observes his subjects workout their songs. He had some great ideas and made some suggestions that got everything moving smoothly. He’s good at what he does. You can see it in the videos he shot for us. You can see it in every video on his website. You’ll see it in the next nine videos he’s probably editing at this moment. We hope this guy stays busy, not only for the sake of the artists he films but for the sake of his growing audience who are about to discover their new favourite band by watching one of his videos.

We’ve made the audio available for free download from these sessions with Mitch. These are acoustic versions of songs from The Olympic Symphonium’s last album, performed around their hometown of Fredeicton in the Owls Nest bookstore, a curling rink, Memorial Hall, the King St.parking garage, a basement, a furniture warehouse, on the walking bridge, on a piano from the early 1900’s and outside near Durham Bridge. Download for free in the ‘albums’ section.

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