The Olympic Symphonium

The Olympic Symphonium Announce Open-Air Concerts

We’re announced a pair of outdoor concerts this summer that aim to satisfy the festival experience everyone has been missing. In New Brunswick, we’ve teamed up with Pocologan Productions to host An Evening at the Drive-In – a unique, open-air live concert at the Sussex Drive-In on August 28 featuring performances by The Olympic Symphonium, Quinn Bonnell, and Jerry-Faye. Aiming to deliver a classic folk festival…

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FMG 2009 Tour Retrospective

Ten years ago we embarked on our first tour overseas with three different groups. To say this was a daunting task is an extreme understatement and to say it went smoothly would be a huge exaggeration. We took nine musicians that made up The Olympic Symphonium, Share, and Grand Theft Bus to London for a week of shows…

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Songs of the City in Halifax

Songs of the City is an event that brings courageous individuals, compelling stories and talented songwriters together like never before. Through moving performance of stories and songs, Reeny Smith, Jennah Barry, members of Century Egg, Chudi Harris, MAJE, and The Olympic Symphonium will shine a light on the critical issues, diversity, possibility and talent that can be found in the Halifax community. Read more here and don’t miss this…

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