Michael Feuerstack - The Forgettable Truth

“the most  rollicking and vibrant Feuerstack has sounded in years” – SOUS CASA
“Musikalische Glanzleistrung trifft verspielte Neugier” –
“Con un’eccezione che vale ascoltare a volume sparto al massimo”

“a heaving and gorgeous piece of music, anguishing and contemplative” – STEREOGUM
“une offrande sans failles.” – BRBR TFO
“simultaneously heartfelt and apathetic, sacred and profane…Feuerstack’s words recall a man who either cares too much or too little.” – CBC MUSIC
one the best songwriters you’ll ever have a chance to hear.” – GRID CITY
“a masterclass in restraint” – QUICK BEFORE IT MELTS

Feuerstack’s newest offering, The Forgettable Truth, is another collaborative affair. While Michael is back to singing, he has assembled a crack crew of familiar accompanists to help flesh out the arrangements: Pietro Amato (Bell Orchestre, Luyas) on keys, Peter Xirogiannis on bass, and Mike Belyea (Jenn Grant) on drums. While you may certainly recognize these contributors from Michael’s earlier records, the combination is new and the results are strikingly unexpected at times. Recorded at Hotel2Tango and at Michael’s home, the album also features vocals by Little Scream and Nick Cobham (Olympic Symphonium), as well as strings by Sebastian Chow.The Forgettable Truth is a journey – posing answerless questions, shining light into dark corners, and binding classic songwriting to adventurous musicality.
– Sean Michaels

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Watch the sad birthday ballad ‘Clackity Clack’
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