“tighter and more dynamic than ever.”  – CBC Music
“a whole new level of discomforting genius” – God Is In The TV

It’s been two months since Motherhood’s newest LP, Winded, arrived into the world, diving headlong into a narrative that explores the natural world as it mirrors human suffering. With their home province of New Brunswick’s dramatic vistas as a backdrop, the avant-punk trio spin a yarn about navigating a straight line through a storm, “persevering—perhaps for no good reason.” With colourful, hip-hop influenced lyrics floating over relentless, complex rhythms, Motherhood tackles heady metaphors with ease, whipping through sweet fuzz-pop, sludgy stomps and ragged breakneck punk to deliver a 9-track album that pulses, stings and washes over the listener.

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“one of the most exciting and fiercely creative bands you’re bound to come across” – Grid City

Winded heralds a compositional departure for Motherhood—there is more sonic space, literally more air in these songs. “Musically,” multi-instrumentalist member Penelope Stevens explains, “we let air become its own force.” It was written in empty spaces, too— in shuttered local haunts during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. Recorded in a small analog studio in blustery Memramcook, NB, Winded was produced by Kyle Cunjak alongside the band, mixed by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, and features guest vocals from Les Hay Babies’ Julie Aubé and Katrine Noël.

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“insatiable atmosphere, gritty, dynamic, and provocatively raw” – Circuit Sweet

Motherhood has been setting deep thoughts to rippin’ music since they were kids in the backwoods, and their tireless boundary-pushing has built a catalogue brimming with bold experimental work. Winded, for all its turbulence, marks an evolutionary bloom for the band, and proves that, although they continue to shapeshift as unexpectedly as east coast weather, they remain unmistakably and unwaveringly Motherhood.