“elegant and expressive, the score to a movie inside your head” – Headphone Commute

The second single from the upcoming ambient album by Joshua Van Tassel is an “ominous, yet still inviting” (Independent Clauses) proposition that meets at the intersections of “lush yet dark” and “ambient yet classical.”

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Dance Music Volume II, Van Tassel’s sixth LP, is held together by its use of the Ondea (a contemporary re-creation of the famed french synthesizer the Ondes Martenot), a string quartet, and electronics to create beautiful sounds in a time replete with ugliness.

“if you’re able to lose yourself in Van Tassel’s compositions for even a few minutes, you’ll feel a bit lighter. [The album] feels like another heartfelt gift to all of us.” – CBC Music

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“Eternal Turtle was the first piece I recorded for Dance Music vol. II, and features only the Ondea,” says Van Tassel. “I had gotten the instrument about 2 months prior, and had been practicing every day, very slowly, and trying to play in tune. It’s very similar in tuning principle to a violin, where the slightest finger turn can cause the note you’re playing to be sharp or flat.”

Dance Music Volume II is out this September via Backward Music and was recently named one of 22 Albums You Need To Hear this Summer by CBC Music.