We’re so excited to start working with two of Canada’s most exciting new musical projects. Though they differ in genre, both Wolf Castle and Century Egg share a DIY ethos and have been steadily releasing a string of EPs over the past few years.

After working with both artists on separate editions of Songs of the City, it was a natural evolution to release music together. And now, in this strange year, we’re helping them bring you music we truly feel is original and exciting.

Listen to the first single from each of their upcoming EPs:
Century Egg – Do You Want To Dance?
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Inspired in part by the upbeat, globetrotting sound of Pizzicato Five, this song is about the desire to forget about our impending doom for at least an evening, and the adventure of dolling up and going out to dance carefree all night.

Wolf Castle – Gunna (ft. Raphael de la Rez)
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“The feature (Raphael) is my uncle who basically taught me everything I know about how to rap, record and make beats. We used to make songs in my grandmother’s basement on the reserve all night and that’s where I got my rap education.”