“a total blast” – Vancouver Sun
“a contagious sense of joy”  Louder Than War
“wailing guitars and celebratory instrumentals” – Indie88

Century Egg is a band of escape artists. On their new EP, the Halifax four-piece blaze through basement pop jams carefully crafted with the desires of the listener at the front of their minds – the desire to move, to dance, to let go of our walls and our traumas. Century Egg creates music to make us free.

listen // order 12″ EP w/ B-Side etching

“banging” – PhotogMusic
“ridiculously tight” – Calgary Herald
“Century Egg = Speedy Ortiz + The Strokes” – SLUG Mag
Coming hot of the heels of their We Can Play ep, Little Piece of Hair is the bands loudest, clearest mission statement to date. Boasting a new rhythm section of Matty Grace on Bass and Meg Yoshida on drums, Century Egg is a band reborn.