“une voix de laquelle se dégage une émotion sincère où perce une certaine fragilité, un vulnérabilité. Quelque chose de parfaitement imparfait”  Les Méconnus

“effortless tenor and a gently strummed electric guitar. I was sucked in as well, won over in seconds”  Brooklyn Vegan

Cedric Noel has spent the past decade creating soul-stirring pieces that muse on identity, Black beauty, and celebration. His music is informed by his unique worldview: He was born in Niger to Canadian and Mozambican/Belgian parents, spent his upbringing around the world, and is currently based in Montreal.

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 Whilst drawing once again on the distorted guitar tones that have become synonymous with his work, landing him comparisons to Dinosaur Jr., ‘Nighttime (Skin)’ finds Cedric hitting beautifully tender highs too, engulfing soaring vocals in deluges of fuzzy static.

The song, and forthcoming new album due in Fall 2021, will be co-released by Forward and Joyful Noise Recordings. All proceeds for the single this weekend will be donated to the Nia Centre – an organization that strives to build the creative capacities and support the development of a healthy identity in Black youth – in honour of Juneteenth.

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“Showcasing both his knack for heartrending melodies and Dinosaur Jr.-sized riffs, its lyrics are informed by his ongoing struggles with self-identity”– Aquarium Drunkard
Speaking about the new track, Noel says: “The song is a reflection of my relationship with blackness and how trying to accept myself more. It was a catalyst for that and I wanted it to be an acknowledgment of my own shortcomings in accepting myself but also a celebration of that acknowledgment.”

Across the last decade, Cedric Noel has released a number of critically praised full-length albums, EPs and collaborative works of his own, while also playing bass for acts like Ada LeaAlexia Avina, and Dana Gavanski.