“avant garde, rhythmic, and hypnotic percussion” – Overblown UK

“Harrison’s expansive auditory vision blends symphonic structures with sampled cymbal sounds and a touch of 80s synth pop”
– Grid City Magazine

i/Variations is four part project by Toronto percussionist Greg Harrison (aka grej) where each musical work navigates through a physical and emotive journey that features manipulated cymbals and a Roland Juno synthesizer.

The majority of the record was commissioned by Toronto’s Form Contemporary Dance Theatre in 2016 and performed by choreographer Mateo Galindo Torres with live illustrations by Carlos Delgado.

Watch the video for ‘Part 3’ to see part of the performance.

grej – i/Variations
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“Ominous piano, layered percussion, and stabbing flutes…
the likes of which you would hear in a suspense film” 
– independent clauses
“classical minimalism “ – Our Basement