SHARE Announce Tour Dates and New Weekly Video Releases

In support of their new album and upcoming tour dates, Share will be releasing one video a week for every song on ‘Slumping In Your Murals,’ which hit stores on August 4th. This week’s video for Horse & Rider features Jason MacIsaac of the Heavy Blinkers + his cat on piano. Here’s a note from Andrew:

Friends are important in life. Talented, funny, generous, genius friends are priceless. Jason MacIsaac is just such a friend. He lent us his talent one afternoon in Halifax. In his Halifax apartment, accompanied by his cat, we made a few versions of this video and kept this take because it was the sloppiest and most amusing. Whether you like Felines or Ornette Coleman you can appreciate a cat walking on a piano.

Please begin bombarding Jason Michael MacIsaac with email requests demanding that he release the new Heavy blinkers album, Health. It\’s Brilliant, and the world has waited long enough.

Watch all the videos at and check back every Tuesday for a newbie.

“Tastefully compelling, Share stand tall on this wondrous new record.” Vish Khanna – Exclaim!

“Share has settled nicely into its place as a roots pop band with a cohesive mature sound. Produced by Dan Ledwell in a PEI cabin, the fresh air and rural atmosphere has infused the album with a haunting, life-slowed-down ambiance. Pedestrian boasted a quirky, lovely electro duet with Catherine MacLellan; this time around, a quietly intimate, almost sad, pairing with Jenn Grant on “Maybe Always.” Songs like “Horse and Rider” and “Awake at Dawn” are cautionary tales, but “Penmanship” soars like a classic-in-the-making ballad.” Sue Carter Flinn – The Coast

Tour Dates
Sept. 01 – Fredericton, NB @ Officer\’s Square – FREE!
Sept. 24 – Halifax, NS @ North Street Church w/ many special guests
Sept. 25 – Halifax, NS @ The Seahorse w/ Sleepless Nights + York Redoubt
Sept. 26 – Fredericton, NB @ Charlotte St Arts Center w/ Ben Ross + Ron Leary
Oct. 02 – Moncton, NB @ The Paramount Lounge w/ Motorleague + Sleepless Nights
Oct. 03 – Saint John, NB @ AKhord w/ Sleepless Nights
Oct. 08 – Quebec City, PQ @ L\’Agitee w/ Jane Ehrhardt + Jessi Homenick
Oct. 09 – Wakefield, PQ @ Blacksheep Inn w/ Grass Mountain Hobos
Oct. 10 – Toronto, ON @ The Local – FREE!
Oct. 11 – Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dees – Wavelength Showcase
Oct. 13 – Peterborough, ON @ The Montreal House w/ Sleepless Nights
Oct. 14 – Toronto, ON @ The Boat w/ Sleepless Nights
Oct. 15 – Kingston, ON @ The Livingroom
Oct. 16 – Guelph, ON @ Jimmy Jazz – FREE!
Oct. 17 – Montreal, PQ @ The Green Room
Nov. 04 – Sackville NB @ Struts Gallery w/ Emm Gryner

Nov 06 – Yarmouth, NS @ Nova Scotia Music Week
Nov. 27 – Fredericton, NB @ The Playhouse
Nov. 27/28 – Fredericton, NB @ The Capital

The Olympic Symphonium – New Dates Released

OS are playing some shows around the Maritimes with Catherine MacLellan over the next few weeks to promote their recent video and vinyl release.

Aug. 28 – Rothsay, NB @ Shadow Lawn Inn
Aug. 29 – Halifax, NS @ The Company House
Sept. 05 – Hunter River, PEI @ Harmony House
Sept. 18/19 – Fredericton, NB @ Harvest Jazz and Blues – tickets on sale now

Check out for more information

The Motorleague Have New Bassist And Are Playing with Bad Religion and Alexisonfire!

Jonah Hache of SomethingDelicious / MCA will now be playing bass for The Motorleague – so they won’t need your impressive cardboard cutouts of PJ after all!

Also, they’ll be making the rounds in September at all the usual spots with Billy Strange’s new band Cobra Jets – plus they’ll be stopping at Envol Et Macadam where they\’ll get to play alongside Alexisonfire, Bad Religion, PinkyPiglets and more.

Aug. 29 – Irishtown, NB @ Messtival 2
Sep. 2 -Moncton, NB @ The Paramount
Sep. 3 – Saint John, NB @ Akhord
Sep. 4 – Halifax, NS @ Gus\’s
Sep. 5 – Sydney, NS @ Governer\’s
Sep. 12 – Quebec City @ Envol Et Macadam
Sep. 17 – Charlottetown, PEI @ Hunter\’s

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Don’t Forget…
You can order the new Olympic Symphonium LP version of “More in Sorrow Than In Anger” by clicking the link below. It comes with a video download of their new video for “Side By Side” directed by Andrew Sisk.

Watch the video online –