With Tambourine Death Bed, Michael Feuerstack ushers in a new chapter for his solo work, one that weaves together all of the rich experience and influences of his vast and varied career. The album features guest appearances by Colin Stetson, Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream), Mathieu Charbonneau (Torngat, Luyas, Ferris Wheel), Nathan Gage (Shapes & Sizes, Elfin Saddle), Sebastian Chow (Islands, Caroline Keating) and Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire).

1. The Same Sky
2. Modern Warfare
3. Take Me
4. Infidels
5. Leave Me Alone
6. The Hill
7. Map
8. Trees
9. Tambourine
10. Flowers In The City
11. Bones In The River
12. Scorekeeper

Here’s what people are saying about the album thus far:

“That’s right: fuck off. We’re listening to Michael Feuerstack prove that old-timey folk isn’t dead, but instead is alive and gorgeous…” – Georgia Straight

“Feuerstack shines as bright and true as Tom Waits.” – Herohill

“It’s not easy to be both unassuming and interesting, but like too few musicians of his age Feurerstack pulls off that strange alchemy” – Toro Magazine

“If you feel lonely, pensive, or need a desert lullaby to send you toward dreams of birds overhead, Tambourine Death Bedawaits you.” – Quip Magazine

Go see him perform with Neil Haverty:

May 22: Kingston, ON – The Artel
May 23: Toronto, ON – The Piston
May 24: London, ON – APK
May 25: Ottawa, ON – Raw Sugar
May 26: Montreal, PQ – Casa Del Popolo

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