Sentimental Gentleman
  • ARTIST: Snailhouse
  • TITLE: Sentimental Gentleman
  • CAT#: FMG025
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: May 24, 2011

Although Snailhouse is primarily the solo project of Mike Feuerstack, Sentimental Gentleman celebrates the camaraderie he found with some of the good friends who have joined him onstage regularly in the past year or two. Feuerstack's unique and literate sense of humour & heartbreak is balanced gracefully on a bed of solid musical creativity.

The basic tracks were recorded in 4 days at the spacious, vintage and lived-in Treatment Room studio in Montreal. Vocals and overdubs were added over the following month or two. Longtime friend and Snailhouse alumnus Jeremy Gara (now Arcade Fire's drummer) mixed it over a few days at his home. This combination of live and leisurely collaboration characterizes the inviting and intimate feel of the record.

Sentimental Gentleman is a record of extremes, emotional and musical. At times, the sounds and lyrics carry doses of bite and humour previously unmatched on Snailhouse records. The subtle interplay among the band members is punctuated with playful touches of nasty keys, sweet slide, and lyrical French horn.

Snailhouse, on this recording, is:

Mike Feuerstack: vocals, guitar, lap steel, keyboards, percussion


Mike Belyea: drums, percussion (and keyboards on Airwaves and Apple)
Nick Cobham: guitar, vocals
Kyle Cunjak: electric and upright bass


John Higney: lap steel on Valley of Tears and Sentimental Gentleman
Pietro Amato: French horn on Sentimental Gentleman and Every Night
Matt Sutton: pedal steel on In the Beginning and Clean Water


Angela Desveaux, Katie Moore and Dara Weiss: vocals on Airwaves

Basic tracks recorded by Kees Dekker at The Treatment Room October 2009
Mike's vocals recorded by Jeremy Gara November 2009
Nick's vocals recorded by Brad Perry
Matt and John each recorded themselves at home
Other overdubs recorded by Mike at various homes
Mixed by Jeremy Gara
Mastered by Harris Newman

Painting by Jon Claytor

All songs by Michael Feuerstack © 2010

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