• ARTIST: Joshua Van Tassel
  • TITLE: Understar
  • CAT#: BKWRD011
  • FORMAT: Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: October 30, 2015

The Giant Squid is such an extraordinary and elusive creature that one can only logically assume it originates from somewhere deep in Space.

Understar is the score to one such creature's journey. We follow from its birth, development on its home world, feeding on the remnants of collapsed stars, and eventually its being caught in the gargantuan pull of a black-hole whose end leads to the deepest crevices of our own ocean.

This score is the prologue to a forthcoming full-length work including a short story & visuals, and is the first solo work to be produced out of Joshua Van Tassel's new Dream Date Studio.

a dreamy, almost underworld qualityCanuckistan Music

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