Hang Time
  • ARTIST: Cedric Noel
  • TITLE: Hang Time
  • CAT#: FMG095
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2021

The new LP from Tio'tiá:ke/Montreal staple Cedric Noel is a high water mark in the young artist’s already deep catalogue. Hang Time shifts fluidly between rock, folk pop and ambient elements, holding tensions and untangling complex truths. Written during a period of intense self-reflection, his eighth album digs into what it means to be disconnected from place/ancestry, adopted into a multi-racial family, what it is to be Black man in a predominantly white scene, and how one can arrive at a place of pride amidst the multiplicity of self.

“instantly lovable”MTV News
“nothing short of extraordinary”Secret Meeting
“a straight shot to Noel’s heart”CBC Music
“rich with passion, sonic wonder, and visceral depth”Atwood Magazine
“a giant leap forward for one of the planet’s most exciting musical voices.”For the Rabbits
“stunning dynamics”Indie88
“swelling and elliptical”Exclaim!
“a striking sense of intimacy”New Feeling
“His voice is rich and probing”Beats Per Minute
“spans the distance from the minimal, near-ambient folk of opener ‘Comuu’ to the pounding yet equally lush ‘Nighttime (Skin)'”FLOOD Magazine
“Noel is a musical auteur coming into the fullness of his creativity, and like a movie you just can’t take your eyes off of, Hang Time is a captivating album that’s impossible to ignore once you hear it.”Dominionated
“Noel embodies honesty without being fanciful or overly sentimental. Instead his authentic expression leaves room for listeners to identify their own place in his introspections. Swirling with ambient, rock, and folk sounds, Noel expands the indie rock genre while creating a distinct place for himself in its canon.”Audiofemme
“At once ambitious and elemental — with its singsong melodic tendencies and repeated lyrics (‘Keep’ consists solely of the phrases ‘Keep it together, keep losing yourself,’ for one) — it’s an album that feels like a deep, late-night get-to-know-you, and by extension serves as an excellent entry point to a creator a decade into his recording career.”AllMusic
“musically layered and lyrically affecting”Enigma

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