Dear Bongo,
  • ARTIST: Motherhood
  • TITLE: Dear Bongo,
  • CAT#: FMG075
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: March 01, 2019

Reeling from the end of his latest relationship, a distressed painter seeks solace in alcohol and his craft. Bored of typical canvas, he paints rooms, other artists' paintings, buildings, and highway lines until he ultimately decides to fix nature's colours - most of which now seem flawed to his obsessed eye. <br /> <br /> This is the tale spun by weirdo avant-rock trio Motherhood on their newest LP, Dear Bongo. A meditation on the strident need for perfection in an imperfect world, the narrative weaves and waves, bounces and bops, and careens and crashes amidst the group's signature blend of self-made circus punk. Ranging from the playful Mekons-meets-Deerhoof opener "Bird Chirp" to the heavy-stock Cramps nod "Constanza," right through to the frenetic sleeve-hearted poetics of "Hallways," Dear Bongo is a nine-song LP of razor-sharp double-vision that skirts the edgy edges and heads straight for Spiritville.<br /> <br /> Produced by Kyle Cunjak & Motherhood<br /> <br /> Recorded by Corey Bonnevie (Monopolized, Saint John, NB)<br /> Mixed by Jay Crocker (Prism ship, Crousetown, NS)<br /> Mastered by Bryan Martin (Sonosphere, Montreal, QC)<br /> All songs written and performed by Motherhood (SOCAN & ASCAP) except "Costanza" based on "Can't Hardly Stand It” written by Jerry Huffman, Jody Chastain, & Charlie Feathers (Round Hill carlin / Trio Music)<br /> <br /> Motherhood is:<br /> Brydon Crain (guitar, vocals)<br /> Adam Sipkema (drums & all sorts of percussion, vocals)<br /> Penelope Stevens (synth, keys, bass, vocals)<br /> <br /> Additional Performers:<br /> Luke Saunders, David R. Elliott, the Hypochondriacs, Kyle Cunjak, & Corey Bonnevie

“Combining wry, cutting lyrics and whimsical arrangements, the Canadian art-rockers’ latest is a tilt-a-whirl of a breakup album.” – Bandcamp

“…the album doesn’t so much take you on a ride as it does roll with you down a hill, laughing and shouting.” – Post-Trash

“If you were to attempt to trace the roots of Motherhood’s nearly unclassifiable sound, you’d no doubt end up with a scribbled mess spanning dozens of genres and subgenres and sub-subgenres that each contribute some defining characteristic to the group’s sonic lineage. There are no clear paths to follow and no easy pigeon holes to label what they do. That’s probably why they seem most comfortable being called Art Rock, a title that leaves all doors open, granting the Fredericton trio freedom to move wherever they please, whenever the please.” – Grid City Magazine

“psychedelic swirls and punk-rock prowess…compelling and unique”Cups N Cakes

“This art-rock three-piece absolutely exudes chemistry, both in their songwriting and the way they present themselves live, on-stage.” – PureGrainAudio

“a strange, but also a brilliant record which delivers some stunning and unusual melodies that work together so well from the beginning to the end of the album.” – Thinking Lyrically

“arch indie-art”PopMatters

“the tracks on new album Dear Bongo ramble with an endearing goofiness, creating the sense that things may spiral into chaos at any second” The Stranger

“unique avant-rock sounds” Portland Mercury

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