Roller Disco - Single
  • ARTIST: Jennah Barry
  • TITLE: Roller Disco - Single
  • CAT#: FMG074
  • FORMAT: Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2018

Immersed in a gentle haze, "Roller Disco" spins like the intrinsic soundtrack to a sentimental memory. Finding its musical footing somewhere along the paths carved out by Harry Nilsson, Burt Bacharach, and Emmylou Harris, the song sways with a softly strummed nylon guitar guided by perfect restraint. Be it a brief and breathy flute run, the soft touch of a mallet, or an old familiar slide, "Roller Disco" is orchestrated with perfect, stirring delicacy. All the while, Barry's signature "sweet and addictive" vocals dispatch lyrics ingrained with salt water wisdom and stirring storytelling.<br /> <br /> Produced by Colin Nealis <br /> Engineered by John Adams (Stonehouse Studio) <br /> Additional Engineering by Colin Nealis <br /> Mixed by Jon Anderson (Buena Vista Studio) <br /> <br /> Cover photo by Kira Curtis

“Barry has an unsettling ability to capture the warmth of an evening (possibly seaside) while slowly cracking into that cozy façade with the tap-tap of insistent heartbreak.”CBC Music

“Jennah Barry’s return is a literal reason to live” Tara Thorne (The Coast)


Folk lovers rejoice…a track to spend your hammock sessions with.” – mp3 Hugger


“Barry’s voice is stunning.” – Everything Is Noise

…gentle yet powerful.” – SLAM Magazine

“Roller Disco spins like the intrinsic soundtrack to a sentimental memory”Skope Mag

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