Dose Curves
  • ARTIST: Sarah Pagé
  • TITLE: Dose Curves
  • CAT#: BKWRD020
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: October 11, 2019

Dose Curves, the first solo outing for Montreal-based harpist Sarah Pagé, is perfectly strange and stable. Like an entirely detailed, delectable world in a spin of its own, the album moves, breathes, grows and changes at a pace that feels wonderfully natural; in welcoming ways that belie its intricate oddities. Across the five-track suite, all recorded live in motion, Pagé (perhaps best known for her decade-long run with roots rockers The Barr Brothers) unfurls untold possibilities from within the 5000-year-old instrument. Moving through free-form tonal caverns, catching gently-bent melodic breezes and expanding out to the ambient aethers, Dose Curves is a spellbinding debut that affirms its maker as one of Canada’s most versatile and accomplished experimentalists.

“spellbinding” – self-titled magazine

“virtuostic”WNYC New Sounds

“truly stunning and ambitious” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“brilliant” – Pop Matters

“mesmerizing” – NPR

“Unselfconsciously magical,  cutting-edge stuff.” New York Music Daily

“a perfect soundtrack to some arthouse sci-fi thriller” – Vancouver Sun

“Sarah Pagé’s Dose Curves is not sleep-inducing; it’s consciousness-heightening.”Dominionated

“pushes the harp in completely unexpected directions”Exclaim! (8/10)

“blissed-out” Canuckistan

“grippingly beautiful” – Cast the Dice

“unlike anything else you’ll hear this year” – Various Small Flames

“a dream that drifts” –The Autumn Roses

“when I heard this endearing, crystal clear one-instrument symphony I was truly touched by its sheer beauty and aural magnificence. I became completely silent and was thrilled by its gracious splendor. Its magical resonance is an enthralling experience” –Turn Up The Volume

“The range of sounds she is able to pull out of the harp while remaining tethered to the 5000-year-old instrument’s essence is astounding” – Twisted Soul

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