Paper Beat Scissors releases its self-titled debut LP on Tuesday, March 06 via Forward Music Group. The Halifax based act embarks on a national tour this March in support of the album.

Paper Beat Scissors’ self-titled debut obsesses over ends; ends as states of loss, ends as places for reflection, ends as necessary preconditions to new beginnings. Tim Crabtree’s haunting voice lies at the centre of everything, with an honesty and rawness that skirts discomfort. Across the album, the instrumental palettes shift from the hypnotic loops of “Ends in Themselves” through full brass arrangements and screaming lap steel of “Rest Your Bones” to the stripped-back acoustic guitar and layered voices in the atheistic hymnal “Let Me In” that closes the album.

The first rate cast of characters from Canada’s folk and indie scenes demonstrates the pull of Paper Beat Scissors as a musician’s favourite. Tanya Davis and Rose Cousins appear alongside Pietro Amato (of the Luyas, and Bell Orchestre) on French horn and Sebastian Chow (of Islands) on violin. Mike Feuerstack (Snailhouse, Bell Orchestre, Land Of Talk) pulls everything together as instrumental accomplice and co-producer.

The album opens out from its more claustrophobic predecessor Flicker, combining that EP’s home-recorded character with more formal studio recordings. Riverport, Nova Scotia’s Confidence Lodge run by the Chilean audio wizard Diego Medina housed the first sessions, added to at the homes of Feuerstack and Crabtree. The record was mixed and finalized in Montreal in the kitchen of, and using the hands and ears of, Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara.

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