‘Sentimental Gentleman’ vinyl back in stock!

After more than a year of being sold-out and with fans foaming at the mouth, sending hate mail, and making death-threat calls demanding the product, Snailhouse’s 2011 album ‘Sentimental Gentleman’ is now back in stock. We have VERY LIMITED quantities of red vinyl and an armload of black vinyl available in our mail-order shop. Don’t…

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Video for ‘I Never Woke Up’

Here is the new video for ‘I Never Woke Up’ from the most recent Snailhouse record, Sentimental Gentleman: The song’s vivid dreamscape has been eerily and beautifully extended into the visual realm by co-directors Jared Raab and Lindsay MacKay. There is a new record from Snailhouse’s Michael Feuerstack on the way for May 2013.…

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Reverts to his given name – Michael Feuerstack & tours Atlantic Canada

Snailhouse is retiring. Well, at least the name is. Michael Feuerstack is abandoning his 20-year moniker under which he makes music in lieu of the name on his passport. He is currently finishing up an album of beautiful music that will make its way to your ears soon. In the meantime, come see the Snailhouse…

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