Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights Take Classic Rock Hypermasculinity To Task On New Single

“The male gaze of the old days isn’t gonna come back.” Calling up punchy guitar stabs, a four-on-the-floor drive, ripping solos, and dirty staccato organs, Pink Popcorn finds Sleepless Nights drawing heavily on a pop-rock template curated by The Cars. And much like their previous single, Kids On Drugs, the retro throwback influence blends seamlessly with contemporary themes. Beneath the fun-loving riffs…

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Sleepless Nights Premiere Video on Pop Matters

Last month we released the Joel Plaskett-produced new single from Sleepless Nights and now there’s an insane green screen video set in space to accompany the song. – Watch via Pop Matters – “Canada’s Sleepless Nights offer a new single, “Kids on Drugs”, that could be the easy-to-sing hit of the late summer.” – Pop Matters The band will perform one lone show this fall: October 13…

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Sleepless Nights’ Turn Into Vapour Turns 10!

“Turn Into Vapour is a summation of everything the Halifax indie scene can offer. The lyrics are smart but unselfconscious, the music ambitious without burying the pop hooks and the production clean but retaining a raw edge. Early standouts include “Got Caught” and “Allyson Got Robbed” with its memorable refrain, “get your goddamn hands of off…

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