Roller Disco

Jennah Barry Releases ‘Roller Disco’ Single

Immersed in a gentle haze, Jennah Barry‘s “Roller Disco” spins like the intrinsic soundtrack to a sentimental memory. Finding its musical footing somewhere along the paths carved out by Harry Nilsson, Burt Bacharach, and Emmylou Harris, the song sways with a softly strummed nylon guitar guided by perfect restraint. Be it a brief and breathy flute run, the…

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Welcome Jennah Barry To The Roster

We are thrilled to announce that Jennah Barry is joining our team. You’ll be hearing new music from her very soon but until then, if you aren’t familiar, check our her earlier stuff and you’ll begin to understand why she’s so special. She’s also curated a Spotify playlist below that she describes as “music for when there’s…

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