Joshua Van Tassel Releases Dance Music vol. II

“as soothing as ASMR” – The Coast“undiluted gorgeousness” – PopMatters“stylistic and visionary” (8/10) – Exclaim!  Dance Music vol.II: More Songs for Slow Motion, Joshua Van Tassel‘s sixth LP, is held together by a string quartet, electronics to create beautiful sounds in a time replete with ugliness, and the Ondea – a contemporary re-creation of the famed french synthesizer the Ondes Martenot. – listen // order wildflower seed print // watch videos…

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Nick Schofield Premieres ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Video On Paste Magazine

“A lot of recent synth-based artists opt for maximalism, throwing as many sounds and textures into the mix as they can for both variety’s sake and to show off their gear a bit. Montreal-based artist Nick Schofield took the opposite route on his forthcoming album, using only one synthesizer, one effects pedal and a batch of field recordings he…

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Joshua Van Tassel Composing Music For Laurie Brown’s Pondercast

Only weeks ago, many music fans across Canada mourned the loss of one of The Signal, one of CBC Radio‘s most beloved shows. Have you heard the good news though? Laurie is continuing with radio through her new Pondercast, which has listeners intrigued since the inaugural episode. Listen to episode 01 The music might have something…

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