Michael Feuerstack
Michael Feuerstack is a songwriter, musician, and producer based in Montréal, QC. In his nearly 3 decades-long presence in the musical world, he has penned a deluge of records, collaborated with countless internationally renowned talents, and impressed those who encounter his work with his curiosity, musicality, and agility across genres. Feuerstack’s solo career (formerly under the name Snailhouse) comprises a collection of songs that simultaneously comfort and confront. In both lyrics and music, Feuerstack seamlessly passes from traditional to experimental – revealing a willingness to engage in both contemporary and traditional forms. His explorations have resulted in a staggering body of work, beloved to many. His varied ongoing pursuits reflect a relentless appetite for growth, and a responsiveness to change, as well as a respect for the greats. In all of this, Feuerstack strikes a musical balance that pays the highest respect to the listener.

Feuerstack’s current and past artistic partnerships include composition and instrumental contributions to Bell Orchestre, Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars, the Luyas, and many more. For this work he has earned two Junos and a number of other accolades. He is equally known for his collaborative work with choreographers and filmmakers and for producing and mixing albums for both internationally regarded artists as well as for young artists emerging on the scene. Feuerstack is first and foremost a true artist. He is a tireless creator, collaborator, a seeker of stories to tell, and new ways to tell them.

“a national treasure. Like Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, he will smuggle odd wisdom inside handsome arrangements. Like Bill Callahan or Laura Marling, he will conceal his songs’ strangeness in their traditional form. He will keep singing, certain in his songwriting, revered by his peers, even without the luxury of fame or fortune. He will unfurl a thousand perfect lines.” - The Globe & Mail

"Why is Michael Feuerstack still a hidden gem?” - CBC Radio’s Q

"slow, gentle songs of love and truth and unforgettable regrets.” - NOW Toronto
Eternity Mongers
  • ARTIST: Michael Feuerstack
  • TITLE: Eternity Mongers
  • CAT#: FMG104
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: April 19, 2024

Eternity Mongers, the latest album from Michael Feuerstack, is filled with some of the questions we ask ourselves as we navigate this beautiful and complicated world. What is the thing you live for? What is your strongest fear? What is it that makes you wonder? These twelve songs, like so many of the best songs, are born out of curiosity—a curiosity for and about all things: the world around us, the way we interact, the way we live, and the ways in which we try to live. As weighted as the subject matter of these songs at first appears, there is also a playfulness at work throughout, a sense of levity to set the balance right. Do you ever get tired of having fun?

Heading into the studio to record Eternity Mongers, Feuerstack’s aim was to create something that took the live-off-the-floor production value of a Peel session (the live-performance BBC Radio 1 music show hosted by iconic broadcaster, John Peel) and played it through an old jukebox in a diner—warm and round but with a lively presence. To capture that quality—a sound that works in parallel with many of the themes explored throughout the album—Feuerstack recorded the bed tracks at The Shed (in an actual shed) in Shad Bay, Nova Scotia with Charles Austin. The songs were recorded as live as possible and favoured rich instrumental tones, scrappy but warm overall. The result is a collection of songs that is at once familiar and utterly new. Feuerstack is pushing himself with this newest release, a departure in many ways—new sounds, new arrangements, a new approach—but Eternity Mongers also retains those familiar qualities we expect in an album from Michael Feuerstack: gorgeous, vulnerable vocals; masterfully subtle guitar work; and lyrics that reveal something new with each listen.

“absolutely delightful”Up To Hear
“incredible capacity to create a full story based on a bit of poetry and a few guitar chords”Alt77
“toujours de la qualité”Le Canal Auditif
“there is so much bubbling on the peripheries of these songs that the only thing to do is go back and listen again.”KLOF Mag
“a comforting treatise on leaving and distance”Exclaim!
“la pista ideal para darle un ambiente amigable a tu mitad de semana.”Zone Nights
“deliciously reminiscent of artists such as Andrew Bird and even some hints of Nick Drake.”Up To Hear
“一連の所作が美しい”Niche Music

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